Why Faith?

From the very beginning Faith Christian Group has been committed to setting up some form of provision for rough sleepers

Feeding people of an evening, through our “ReadiStreet” soup run, only to leave them to return to their spot behind a bush or under a bridge has always felt very inadequate.

 Our ‘articles of association’ actually commit us to working towards a 24-7 model of provision for rough sleepers

We currently have a small housing project aimed at men, mostly in recovery from addictions, who would otherwise be homeless

With the economy as it is, the local authority could not afford to set up a scheme such as this

However, the churches, with relatively little effort, have made it possible through co-operating to provide

The scheme does cost money however in staff time particularly

This is covered for the current year by specific donations, however if you care to support the charity as a whole we would be most grateful

Our Food Bank warehouse and offices come at a price