Existing Volunteers

Existing Volunteers

Existing volunteers will now only be asked to sign and return a declaration that they have read the current update / “lessons learned.” document.  However we  highly recommend that a bi-annual refresher course is attended.   Click on the links below


We are very conscious that previous years’ training sessions have been quite long   
We are determined to reduce down the time spent to no more than two hours for new hospitality volunteers

No-one who has not been trained will be allowed in the venues between 7.30 pm and 9.00 am  That does allow for untrained individuals, even under 18’s, to help with set up provided they are not in the building after 7.30 pm or before 9.00 am the next morning.

Church employed staff on the premises who have not done our training will be there at their own risk.

Overnight volunteers and co-ordinators may be required to do a greater in depth training than normal volunteers.