If you have found this page in searching for what to do about someone you have found apparently homeless on the street please go to this website Homeless LInk

Our exciting news is that as of January 2024 “A Bed for the Night” will be running again. In fact we are launching two parallel versions. One for local rough sleepers and the other for people coming out of the asylum seeker system with right to stay status.

B4N was run from 2015 to 2020, until closed by Coronavirus restrictions, as a winter months only night shelter run by local churches in Reading Berkshire, led by Faith Christian Group.

As of 2021 we operated a daytime COVID safe “HUB” facility for people in temporary accommodation such as B&B’s, to give them somewhere to go during the day where they can be warm and have things to do as well as a midday meal.

As of 2023 we may not be running a hub. Most if not all rough sleepers will be accommodated by the council.

Started in January 2015, the scheme used a rota of local church venues, each providing a team of volunteers
There was a dedicated co-ordinator for the project, funded by FCG
Camp beds, duvets and pillows were moved from venue to venue each day
a hot evening meal is served
plus various activities on offer, TV, internet, table games, books
Toilet and washing facilities were provided
Guest lists were supplied daily by the St Mungos outreach team
All NEW volunteers underwent TRAINING to ensure the safety of all involved